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Hello all,
am so sorry have not written for a while but it has been a crazy few days. Lets just say one word that sums it up contiki! am loving it all though and our tour manager really knows her stuff when it comes to history etc and our group are really really fun! Will aim to update everyone soon though ok!

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Shopping, with bron on oxford street..do I need to eleborate

sunny 8 °C

Well bron needed jeans............

so we spent all day on oxford street , where I could have gone nuts if I had let myself, I found awesome 7 jeans ( only for a lovely price of £189 ) and the most beautiful red coat ( a bit more reasonable £99) but I was very good. Bron eventually found her jeans and some big commotion happened on oxford street, am unsure but they closed it all off and had police etc everywhere ( all in their funny hats)

Bron and I arrived last night to this backpackers and after a few hysterics we are ok. lol it was a bit of shock to the system to walk into showers that only have tiny curtains and a whole lot of girls who aren't afraid to walk around naked..... I feel like a prude here! Anyways we are going to drop our stuff off tomorrow at the royal national hotel before heading to the british museum. Head on our tour on wednesday! yay am very excited.

Bron and I are thankful that we worked out before our longer stay in london that we can't stay in back packers for long periods of time....... well in this one anyways. So hopefully we can stay with brons aunt who lives 3omins by train out.
Have uploaded more pics for people to look at!

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More snow

Our last day in Stockholm

snow -1 °C


Well this morning bron woke up to me jumping up and down on my bed excitably because it had snowed overnight and the view outside my window was magick. Everything was white! We got outside as soon as we could and after having a detour at the post office continued back to the old town to wander around in the snow there and of course see the royal palace in a different light. The whole area looked beautiful covered with snow. Took a lot more pictures however still cannot find anywhere to download them, will endevour to try in london. Speaking of which we head to tomorrow! Our contiki tour begins in four days which is all a bit exciting. Bron and I are were updated on the rugby league scores and our loss thanks to aunty l, the union is on tonight our time so up the wallabies!

Our flight leaves tomorrow at 11.25 but due to dropping temp and the snow bron and I will try to get to airport earlier then normal. We are staying in piccadilly in london which is nice and close to the centre of most things.

Well thats all our news, packing is calling me ( am getting very over it! ) and so is dinner! bron and I are going to a cute little resturant for dinner and I am planning on having swedish meatballs in sweden for the last time ( am a bit addicted will have to stock up from ikea when I get back to aus)

keep reading!


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Another castle,swedens funny history and a walk in the snow.

snow -1 °C


Today Bron and I went to see the royal palace. This is beautiful ! beats the palace the dannish royals live in hands down. It was rebuilt in the 1700's as the old castle burnt down ( well most of it did) and it was estimated it would take 6 years to rebuild however it took 60!.
Bron and I saw another changing of the guard, these poor guys ( and three girls) don't have the nice warm furry hats the dannish guards have. It was quite chilly today.
We saw through some of the royal apartments in a few weeks all of these will be closed off to public as they have the nobel dinner. Inside was amazing however we weren't allowed to take photos, mores the pity. Alot of the art work was amazing.
The swedes have an interesting tale in their history. 200 years ago the russian's took finland from the swedes. Well all of sweden thought this was their kings fault so they kicked him out! however they still had the problem of russia so they asked a french general for help.... well he was to give them more then help he became king and conquered norway. Its amazing though that you can kick out a king and replace him with a french soldier! Its like who cares about history and being swedish! Anyways the royal family are decended from this french soldier I just thought it was all rather funny.
We had a look at some more crown jewels some of the crowns we saw today were so beautiful. There were some really cute little prince and princess ones also.
after the palace bron and I looked through some shops in the old town, bought some food to cook for dinner and headed back to the hostel.
Later though we looked outside and it was snowing again! ( today was a beautiful sunny day here) so we donned our scarves, gloves , beanies and jackets and went out walking in the snow. Its heavier then the other night.
tomorrow my main mission is to find a place to download the photos i have on my camera as our contiki tour starts soon and will have a whole lot more! head to london on sunday.

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The ship that sank ( 300 years before the titanic)


sunny 1 °C


Today Bron and I went to see The Vasa,

Its a ship that on the 10th of august 1628 on her maiden voyage sunk in the stockholm Harbour. The wreck was salvaged in 1961 after 333years under the sea. They put her in a museum and reconnected the broken bits and fixed the ship up however 95% of the ship is original and is covered with hundreds of carved sculptures.

As we walked into the museum I wasn't quite prepared for what we were going to see but it was amazing this ship is huge! It sank because it was too top heavy. I think the king ( gustav) was pretty cranky it sank because it had been the first swedish ship constructed that had two levels of cannons. He needed the ship in poland which was where he was after taking a polish castle.

Any of the ship that had to be fixed with new wood has been left to show you what is original and what is new. The amazing thing is that in the baltic sea there is no ship worm otherwise known as teredo navalis. In other seas it deystroys wooden ships however for some reason it doesn't like the baltic and therefore this ship was very well preserved.

I took lots of pictures but once again we come to the same problem with me not being able to download them so you can see! will try to find somewhere on saturday.

It was a really interesting day. Bron and I walked along the harbour this morning and saw the castle from a distance where the swedish royals live. Its the biggest castle still in residence in the world. Tomorrow we are going for a closer look and to see the crown jewels etc.

well I had better go, it was a lovely sunny day here in Stockholm today there was ice on the ground. Its supposed to cloud up over the weekend and more snow is possible.


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