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Well today the bombshell was dropped. No tour. So looks as though bron and I will make our way around Britain and Ireland by ourselves. At the moment its mayhem maps and internet out and working out what we want to see via the expensive little book I purchased today. Looks as though Bron and I will be in Glasgow for New years as we both baulked at paying $530 per person for 4 nights accom in edinburgh. Anyways its looks as though this tour we were going to do in 12 days is going to take us 3 weeks. Bron is stressing, I am stressing I have visions of us being broke and lost somewhere in ireland.
Anyways in other news Bron has cut her hair and it looks nice. I purchased some swedish Dalarna horses and posted them home. These are horses that swedes have been carving and painting for 300 years. I guess they used to get bored in the long swedish winter nights!They became famous at the world fair in1939. I also bought a little horse to go on my charm bracelet.
Tomorrow night hockey! yay!

untill next time

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semi-overcast 8 °C

Today we went to slottskogen park. And I finally saw a moose and they are huge! I Couldn't get over how big ( and smelly) they were.No drunk ones though ( more's the pity). Slottskogen is a large park and they have a few animal enclosures that have deer, goats, moose, seals and a range of birds. The park itself is very big and pretty Bron and I wandered around for a few hours. The weather today was only slightly cloudy so the sun popped up every now and then.

Other than that bron and I have not been up to much. I cannot get over the fact that over here they only use pumpkin as sweets ie in pies etc. The johnstones have never had pumpkin scones and my mission is to cook them before I go, the only problem is to find some pumpkin as its not in season and I cannot find any tin stuff. I cooked dinner the other night and it was shepherds pie for the main and self saucing choclate pudding for dessert, all went down very well.

Tonight we are babysitting the kids as Elaine and Tom are going to have dinner with the King and Queen ( yes the real king and queen of sweden!) Bron is very excited today as the big news in sweden is the Prince has broken up with his girlfriend of 9 years!! All you single girls looking for a prince could be in luck! he is young at 29 and not too bad on the eyes!

Its set to start raining this weekend which will be the first time since I have been here so I consider myself very lucky weather wise.

No squirrel as yet but like the snow I keep my fingers crossed I will see both before I leave.

take care


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sunny 6 °C

Today we went to Marstrand. Its a little island off the mainland. There is another tiny island right near it but it is also considered to be a part of Marstrand. We drove to the main part of Marstrand and then caught the ferry to the other part. On the smallest part ( where we took the ferry to) is a huge old fort. They started building it in 1600 and it took 200 years to finish. At some stage or another The Norwegians, the danes and the swedes have all owned it. This is because it is such a good look out point and the port is very handy. It also doesn´t freeze in winter there. This fort was also a prison at some stage. I read that the prisoners were all treated differently according to their family. There was only one lady prisoner and she was charged with murder for poisoning her husband and two children. She was burned at the stake. Its quite freaky in some parts there is a secret tunnel that we took and it was very dark and you could almost feel the spirits around you. Its hard to imagine but because the countryside has a lot of rocks the fort was made from blasted granite. Its beautiful scenery around the fort and there is so many small rocky islands. Over here many people cannot afford houses so there are apartments everywhere. There are some new apartments on the main part of marstrand and they are lovely.

The weather is still amazing, very cold but sunny I have to admit it but I LOVE THIS COLD I wouldn´t though if it was raining!

The kids go back to school tomorrow and Bron and my week is filling up quickly. Still no signs of any squirrels or drunk moose. I live in hope!

hope everyone is well


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tripping around Göthenburg

semi-overcast 5 °C

Hello hello,

well in true bronwyn style we have been shopping. But the main part of gothenburg is in the city any ways so I say its just concidence that there are shops there too. It is very surreal to be in a place where i cannot understand a single bit of conversation. Many of the swedes speak english quite well however a few have problems and then I get bron to interpret for me. I must say I would be lost over here without her. we catch buses and trams into the city and its handy she knows where she is going.

It is getting colder everday now and i am hoping for snow. It is snowing north of here at the moment and there is a forcast for snow over the weekend.Fingers crossed.

Bron and I went for a walk down to the sea this afternoon, it is only a few blocks from the house. All the boats looked like they were in hibernation as many of them were covered and in many rows up on land. As we were walking a few people went past on these boards with wheels and ski poles. Apparently they are in ski training. It looked like a lot of fun.

Its halloween here tonight and the kids got into costumes and we got tick or treaters! it was quite exciting!.

There is a new family next door and they are from melbourne. The lady came over tonight to try and get help understanding swedish, i know how she feels!

Well i have uploaded some photos from today,

hope everyone is well

take care..


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after flying Brisbane to Singapore, then singapore to London ( on the A380 and the ONLY way to fly very awesome plane) and then London to Gothenburg we are finally here.... yay! Both very weary and trying to hold out as long as possible before we crash. For lunch I got to sample a swedish favourite beetroot salad which i think i could become addicted to!
It is quite cool, on arrival in london it was 1 degree and it had been snowing slighly in some areas. No snow yet in gothenburg but I live in hope. Towards the weekend it is said to get cooler. Bron is of course taking me shopping tomorrow so that will be interesting and I have began to learn some swedish words. So far the extent of my language is hello, goodbye , thanks and no thanks....... i am progressing! ;-)

there are apple trees in the back yards with apples on them and apparently random moose wander around occasionally and eat them and because the apples ferment in their stomachs they become drunk. I hope I see this event as I am sure it would make funniest home videos back in Aus.

well i had better go and let Bron use the comp, keep reading and take care-


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