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Stairs, Snow and Stockholm


well bron and I have arrived safely in stockholm....to lovely falling snow! it was very exciting. Then bron and I had to battle the subway and of course ours was leaving from the station that was the most underground. So Bron and I lugged our suitcases down many many steps.

And then we arrived at our hostel. And o my god. Its like a motel. We have a tv in our room with internet access! ( hence this is where I am typing to you now) only problem is we can't upload photos. But it does have msn so anywho is around when I am can chat.

Anyways bron and I are off to locate some dinner and then to watch grey's anatomy later on.

Till tomorrow

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Another castle, crown jewels and lots of rain


Hello again!

well today was bloody awful! rained and rained and rained. But anyways Bron and I went to the rosenburg castle which is a small castle not far from the middle of town. Its the castle christian the 4th built for his 24 ( yes 24) legitimate children ( think of all the non legitimate children he must of had). This was a gorgeous little castle with some beautiful items in it. Took lots of piccies. It also housed some of the crown jewels! these were amazing the stones were soooo huge its hard to believe that they are real! Took photos of guns for all the boys in my family who are interested in them as they seemed to have a lot on display. They also had a lot of ivory which had been beautifully carved ( even though i feel sorry for the elephants).
Bron and I then went souvenier shopping and each got a little mermaid charm for our bracelets. There were these beautiful little danish flag charms but at 340 dkk I couldn't do it thats nearly 100 australian dollars for a charm!
Anyways packing now as we head back to sweden ( i know its backward) and we go to stockholm which will be interesting as its another city that harbours another royal family. The prince it appears could be single again so high hopes for bron!

put some piccies up of frederiksborg castle so hope you enjoy them, its hard to download pics as the hostel comp is dodgy and won't let you do it.

Anyways untill next time

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Moore tripping around

sunny 8 °C


Today was a lovely day in København. We caught another tour which took us first to amaliensborg castle which is where the Queen lives during winter and of course her other son lives ( the one that isn't fred! lol who's new wife by the way is pregnant). We saw the part of this castle where mary and fred will come to when its finished and when they come in from fredensborg palace ( which is their yearly residence) its supposed to have 24 bathrooms!.
We saw the changing of the guard at 12pm which there were a lot of people there watching . Apparently in tourist season this courtyard is packed. The coolest thing though was we saw the Queens sister Princess benedicta and her husband Prince Richard. Our tour guide was most excited as they walked right past where we were standing and into one of the residences!

The next place was of course the little mermaid of which you cannot come to København and not see. Bron forewarned me that she wasn't very big but I thought she was perfect plus you cannot have a huge statue of the little mermaid - then it would be the huge mermaid and it doesn't go together. She is sitting out in the water on a rock and is very pretty.

The last place we went to today was the big cathedral where MARY AND FRED got married!!!! Bron was sooooo excited lol I think it has been the highlight of our time here! It was very pretty inside and we took a few pictures of us up near the alter entrace.

Its quite expensive here 500 danish crowns is about 130 australian dollars. In sweden 500 swedish crowns was 100 australian dollars. Bron and I are buying luches but making our own dinners and breakfasts at the hostel.

Anyways till next time!

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castles castles castles

overcast 6 °C

Well bron and I are in denmark which is just lovely.København is the prettest city.
Today bron and I got on a tour and we went to Frederiksborg castle first which was awesome. It was a castle of residence and just amazing. Took a lot of photos. It was designed by Christian the 4th ( who the danes loved even though he sent them broke!). I can't put photos up on this stupid computer but when I can you will see what I am raving about.
The next place we went to was Fredesborg Palace which is the queens autum and spring palace. IT is also where mary and fred live as the queen wanted them to live out in the country a bit now they have 2 kids. We were really lucky and got there as the guard was changing. Bron and I both burst into laughter when we heard them play the pipe thing as they marched around with their drum. ANyways mary didn´t invite us into lunch :-(
Next on the list was Kronborg castle also known as Hamlets castle. Pretty cool but not as cool as Fredesborg. Inside was not as nice as it was lived in by milatary for a while and also the swedes took it over and stole nearly all the big old tapestry's. We went right down underneath through the tunnels, saw the sleeping viking and saw the cells where the condemed were kept. We then went outside and saw the swedish coast which was only 4.5km away.
We then headed home. On the way there we went through countryside and farming ( and saw a 300 year old oak tree) and on the way back we went along the see and saw all the rich houses and people going skinny dipping off piers ( because they do that !!!!!!!!!!! eek!!!!!!! in november!)

So now bron and I are back at the hostel/matchbox ( ok its not that bad but the room is very very small) we both got a touch homesick yesterday but nothing we didn't get over. Pear cider helped that one!( for me anyways)
We are touring around københavn tomorrow which will be good and going to the history museum on tuesday bron is excited about seeing the crown jewels.
Anyways hope everyone is well

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Liseberg and Frölunda hocky

Well last night ( the 13th) Bron, Laura, Thomas and myself all went to see the Frölunda ice hockey team play. It was brilliant heaps and heaps of atmosphere! about 11000 fans and some that bring their own drum kits to add extra noise in the arena! all in all lots of fun ( except we lost!). Bron and I both got photos with the team mascot and bron wanted to take number 12 player home as a souvenier I had to remind her that we had a tight kg restriction with our bags. We were sitting right beside the commentators so am sure over the tv you could here the distinct aussie accents yelling " What was that ref!?" and "break their legs!" laura thought it was so funny.

Anyways tonight bron and I went to Liseberg ( pronouced lisaberry) its a theme park but they just have opened it for winter so it had fake snow everywhere and the most beautiful lights. It really was gorgeous. We went on a ride, browsed christmas markets, ate dinner doughnuts and warm sugared almonds and all and all had a great time. But the best thing we did was go to an ice bar. Everything in the bar was made of ice so we were sitting on a lounge made of ice drinking cups that were yup you guessed it ice! it was unreal! we had to wear these big coats though as it was quite cold! All the drinks they were serving in the bar had smirnoff vodka in them. Had lots of fun!

Anyways enjoy the pictures. Tomorrow we go to denmark by train which should be a pretty journey,


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